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Isaiah from Texas



from Texas

Isaiah is an adorable, alert and playful child. He is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has numerous challenges, but over time, remedial services have increased his capabilities. Isaiah shows that he loves attention by responding to your voice and then holding your hand. Eventually, Isaiah will smile and make vocal sounds to "talk" to you. He does say "no", "mama" and "hi' at this time. Isaiah appears to enjoy listening to music, playing on the floor, and manipulating objects. Isaiah loves toys that make sounds and light up. He likes sitting outdoors in his wheelchair, feeling the breeze of fresh air while sitting under trees, and swimming. Finally, Isaiah gets all excited with a big smile when he is receives affection. He loves kisses and Donald Duck sounds.

Isaiah needs a loving home with specially trained parents who are knowledgeable of children with medical needs. His parents need to be trained or willing to learn how to use his necessary medically necessary equipment. Isaiah can be with other children and enjoys the attention and interactions of a large and busy family. He does enjoy company of small dogs as well. Isaiah needs a family who will understand that he will need constant monitoring and supervision due to his daily health needs.

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