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Jacob from Texas



from Texas

Jacob is a child who is full of energy. He is very affectionate and loves to give hugs. Jacob makes his appearance well known. He enjoys singing and dancing. Jacob tends to rock back and forth when listening to music. He especially loves listening to Beyonce and gospel hymns. Jacob likes to watch Barney and he typically falls asleep to a Barney movie each night. Jacob also enjoys playing with balls, cars, and trains. He attends church weekly and really enjoys it. Jacob participates in special education classes at school. He loves to eat and his favorite foods are cereal, chips, and mashed potatoes.

Jacob needs a family who will be able to meet his emotional and physical needs. He needs a loving family who does not have younger children. The family should set a consistent routine and have a very structured home environment. It would be beneficial if the parents attend church on a regular basis.

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