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Jacoby from Texas



from Texas

Jacoby is a very caring and compassionate child. He enjoys playing with his electronic tablet, video game system, riding his bike, and attending arts and craft shows. Jacoby is very articulate and he communicates his desires and concerns openly. Jacoby can be shy around unfamiliar people, however he is very social and friendly. Jacoby was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth and he has remained in optimal health managed by the Hematology Department at Texas Children's Hospital. Due to his diagnosis, Jacoby has dietary requirements that include consuming foods low in sodium, fat, and sugar. Jacoby is also discouraged from drinking soda and other drinks that contain a lot of sugar. He loves to eat Chick Fil A. Jacoby eats and sleeps on a regular schedule and he is normally in bed before 8PM. Jacoby has some difficulties in school that include him not wanting to participate in assignments that require him to write. According to the school teachers Jacoby has difficulty taking constructive criticism and he often wants to be the line leader. If Jacoby feels his space is being invaded, he will act physically toward his peers.

Jacoby needs a family who is able to provide attention for his special need of Sickle Cell Anemia as well as a caregiver who can be highly involved with his academic performance. Jacoby attends appointments with the Hematologist once every two months, in addition to other medical appointments. He needs parents who will ensure he receives all services necessary. An ideal family for Jacoby will be with caregivers who do not have any small children younger than him. Jacoby has also expressed that he would like to have an older sibling.

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