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Jalina from Texas



from Texas

Jalina is a very inquisitive and intuitive young lady that is discovering herself. She sometimes does this by replicating those who are around her that she admires. She does not easily form attachments but displays a desire to make connections. She is very bright and does well in school. Jalina likes to go by "AJ" and has expressed the desire to begin gymnastics. She enjoys journaling, art, playing with 'drones', and reading about animals. She would like to be a veterinarian and specialize in artic animals. Jalina desires a lot of one on one attention benefits from extracurricular activities to keep her occupied. She has some challenging behaviors and can experience low self-esteem issues but is learning ways to manage these feelings and cope. Jalina need ongoing supportive services and patience from her forever family.

Jalina will benefit from a family who will accept her individuality, encourage her, and give her plenty of one on one guidance. She needs a stable, consistent, and nurturing placement in which rules, boundaries, and expectations are clearly defined. She will benefit from frequent feedback on her behavior from a caregiver that is compassionate, loving, and understanding. Jalina needs guidance from parents who will model positive behaviors she can carry with her through adulthood.

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