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Ja'lynn from Texas



from Texas

Ja'lynn is a smart and outgoing youth who is very helpful to others. She engages well with her peers and others and she enjoys being social with her friends. Ja'lynn is strong willed and anxious about her future. She hopes to have a forever family soon and longs for that sense of belonging that only a family can provide. Ja'lynn enjoys music and playing outside. She is active and has a lot of energy, so a family that is on the go will be a great fit! Ja'lynn recognizes her need for improvement with some of her behaviors. She is working on managing her behaviors appropriately. Ja'lynn is crafty, creative, and persuasive.

Ja'lynn needs an understanding, two-parent family that is patient with her and willing to go the extra mile. She needs a family that will provide structure and consistency. She will do best with a family that is knowledgeable and educated in trauma informed care.