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Janie from Texas



from Texas

Janie is a youngster who loves sitting outdoors and going to school. She enjoys being outside, having others talk to her, having books read to her, and listening to cartoons. Janie is a happy child who loves to have a lot of attention focused on her. She learns at a slower rate than other children her age. She is able to make sounds and will cry when she is uncomfortable. She is able to walk using her walker. Janie requires constant supervision and is provided care by trained staff and her foster family 24 hours a day. She is fed through a G-tube and she receives occupational, physical, and speech therapy services. Overall, Janie is a sweet and calm child.

Janie needs a patient, loving, and nurturing home with a family who will make her feel safe and secure. Her family will need to allow her time to develop a relationship with them. The family will need to ensure she receives all services required, without interruption. This includes being an effective advocate for her educational and therapeutic needs in the future and in accessing appropriate services as she transitions to adulthood. Janie needs a family to provide her supervision, praise, and encouragement. Her ideal family will love her unconditionally and be committed to all of her needs, now and into the future.

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