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Jasmine from Texas



from Texas

Jasmine loves popular culture. She enjoys listening to music and singing. She also enjoys all physical activities that keep her busy and active. She enjoys sports and her favorite sport is basketball. Like many teen girls her age, Jasmine is a "girly-girl" and likes feeling pretty by wearing the latest fashion trends. She is a very smart youth and does well in school. Her favorite subjects in school are reading, English, and science. Jasmine's favorite foods are hamburgers, pizza, and chicken wings. She loves attending outings for recreation purposes and occasionally attends church on Sundays. Jasmine wants to feel secure, loved, and protected.

Jasmine's family will be nurturing, loving, and able to meet her needs. She will do well in a family with other children her age. It would be best if the family is very active, prefers to spend time outside of the home, and attends church regularly. The family will reinforce Jasmine?EUR(TM)s positive behaviors with praise or rewards.

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