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Jayquon from Texas



from Texas

Jayquon is a caring, well-mannered youth. He is very easy to please. He enjoys all sports, especially basketball and football. Jayquon is open to being adopted by any type of family with or without children. He loves riding his skateboard and being outside. He is a very active child and prefers to participate in outdoor activities. He loves to participate in family events no matter what the activity. Although Jayquon does not currently participate in any extracurricular activities, he would love to be part of a family that will enable him to do so. He enjoys dogs and takes good care of them when he has the opportunity. Jayquon is a great child overall.

Jayquon will thrive in a loving, structured, and nurturing home environment. He will do best with a two-parent family with or without children. He has stated he would not mind being in a single parent home. He needs appropriate supervision and a patient family, so that he may learn to trust and bond with his new family. It will be helpful for Jayquon to participate in extracurricular activities and supportive services, so personal growth and a smooth transition to his new family can be promoted. He needs a family who is active and likes to participate in a variety of activities. Jayquon needs a family that will continue visits with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption.