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Jaysen from Texas



from Texas

Jaysen enjoys playing video games and all outdoor activities, including basketball, football, and swimming. He stated that he likes pizza, hamburgers, and watermelon. Jaysen is polite and uses manners, such as requesting to leave the table when he's done eating. His favorite hobbies are building model cars and boats. His favorite toys are his toy Corvette and transformers. Jaysen recently started a new school and seems to be doing well. Although he typically does well in school, at times, he tends to get in trouble on the bus. Jaysen is a strong-willed child who will benefit from consistent structure, supervision, and guidance, balanced with praise and encouragement. At times, he will ask a lot of questions, because he is curious about the things around him. Jaysen experiences many feelings of sadness and receives supportive services to help him learn how to cope with his emotions. He is bonding and being affectionate with his foster family and will communicate his emotions and desires verbally, most of the time. Jaysen plays well with others and is learning ways to take redirection and structure.

Jaysen is a smart and talented child who deserves a great family. He will do best with a family that offers lots of praise and positive reinforcement. He thrives with clear and consistent boundaries and positive reinforcement. Jaysen will need a family that is able to continue providing supportive services and help him process through issues from his past. He needs a family that is supportive and informative with answers to his questions.