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Jeremiah from Texas



from Texas

Jeremiah is an energetic youth who knows what he wants and is ambitious enough to work for it. He is courageous and assertive at best. He articulates well and is straightforward and serious about himself. Jeremiah is fashionable and takes pride in how he looks. He is a football enthusiast and since that is his passion, he hopes to become a professional football player when he gets older. Jeremiah performs relatively well academically when he coordinates his efforts with his smarts. He struggles with compliance at times, as he has a mind of his own and wants to dictate what happens. Jeremiah is personable and approachable. He is respectful and cordial to all he meets. Jeremiah is a family oriented youth.

Jeremiah will benefit from parents who are sports fans, especially football. His family will be willing and able to allow him the opportunity to participate in football clinics and games and accompany him to games. Jeremiah's family will not be hesitant to lay down the rules and enforce them. They will be persistent and consistent and will not exhibit sensitivity to his assertiveness or straightforwardness. The family will work with him on interaction skills, including understanding and accepting "no". Jeremiah will benefit from a family that is supportive of him in all reasonable facets.