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Jimmy from Texas



from Texas

Jimmy is a vivacious youth who is quick to smile. He is a very active youth who likes to keep things moving. He loves to play outside and be active. Jimmy is working very hard on being polite and is making good progress. Once Jimmy warms up to someone, he is very open and loving. Jimmy is close with his foster family and would be able to develop a strong attachment with a forever family. Jimmy enjoys playing video games and has been known to play games such as Minecraft. Jimmy has no problem going to school and completes his work easily. He does not, however, always get along well with others at school. Jimmy loves going to church and participates in youth group. He also gets involved in after-school programs and doesn't mind having activities to participate in. Jimmy has made arts and crafts in these programs and enjoys sharing activities with someone he cares about. Jimmy has a bike and loves riding outside in his neighborhood. He stays involved with people and enjoys social interaction.

Jimmy would like a mentor who can help him with guidance and learning to make adult decisions. A family open to visits and contact with his existing siblings will be a very positive thing for Jimmy as he maintains a relationship with them. Jimmy will love to have other children that could be a part of his life. He is very easy-going and likes to be part of a family group.

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