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Jonathan from Texas



from Texas

Jonathan has a very kind heart and cares for others. Although he is a teenager he loves toys, especially Spiderman toys. He also enjoys puzzles, coloring, and playing games. Jonathan is doing well in school. He enjoys going to church very much. When at church he often likes to help with various activities such as passing the offering plate and handing out bulletins. Jonathan knows the words to most contemporary Christian songs on the radio and loves to sing along. He craves attention. He enjoys talking on the phone and calls his worker often. Jonathan responds very well to verbal praise and redirection. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Jonathan needs a family who will provide him with a great deal of structure, patience, and nurturing. He will do best with a family who has no other children or who does not have young children. Ideally, Jonathan will be in a two-parent home. Jonathan will do best with a family who goes to church on a consistent basis.