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Jordon from Texas



from Texas

Jordan is a lovable and kind youth who enjoys playing video games, computer games, and playing outside. He likes playing with the football and basketball. He is likable, funny, and helpful. Jordan enjoys going to school and his favorite subjects are gym and art. He can interact with other children and gets along well with other children. Jordan is able to complete tasks that are given to him. Jordan shows respect for authority figures and follows directions. He is very inquisitive and enjoys learning new things. Jordan loves all animals but especially dogs and hopes one day he could get a German shepherd.

Jordan will benefit from a very nurturing and loving family who will provide him with routine, structure, and stability. It will be in Jordan's best interest to have adoptive parents who are willing and able to engage him in activities and redirect his energy towards positive engagement. He will thrive in a loving environment in which he feels safe and secure. Jordan needs parents who are patient. He will benefit from positive reinforcement and praise. Jordan has four siblings are not part of this adoption. It is recommended that they maintain contact.