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Juan from Texas



from Texas

Juan is child who is full of energy and loves being very interactive with others, especially his siblings. He has a close relationship with his six of his siblings and it is very important to him to maintain a strong relationship with them. Juan likes many outdoor sports activities, such as, basketball, baseball, soccer, and running. He also likes to play the Nintendo DS, watch television, cartoons, and movies, ride his bicycle, and likes going to the water park. He has trouble following directions at times, but will listen if he is spoken to on a one on one basis.

Jennifer, Luis, Jose, Juan, Jonathan, and Maria are a close knit sibling group who has a strong bond with each other. Jennifer really enjoys playing sports, listening to music, dancing, and spending time with her siblings. Luis is active and likes superhero action heroes. Jose also likes playing soccer, riding his bicycle, and playing football. Juan likes to play the Nintendo DS, watch television, ride his bicycle, and likes going to the water park. . Jonathan likes to play and ride his bicycle. Maria likes watching television, using the computer tablet, and playing with her toys. Jesus likes playing with his toys and wants all the toys for himself when he plays. The children continue to strengthen their bond by interacting as a sibling group and look forward to finding a forever family will keep them together.

Juan will benefit from a family willing and able to care for all seven children and maintain the sibling group together. He will also do well with a family who is patient and will be able to provide equal attention to Juan, as well as all of his siblings. Juan will do best with a family who will be able to dedicate him one-on-one attention and redirection to him.

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