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Junior from Texas



from Texas

Israel (AKA Junior) is an active, energetic, and fun child. He is smart and loves attention. Israel likes to play video games and sports. He especially likes basketball and football. The Arkansas Razorbacks are his favorite college football team and the Seattle Seahawks are his favorite NFL football team. Israel also really likes watching movies and talking about which movies he has seen. Israel is receiving supportive services to develop better coping skills and reactions to frustrating situations. He can become easily frustrated and may react in a negative manner towards peers and adults. Israel benefits from supportive redirection and repetitive instruction. He is working to learn how to channel his emotions appropriately. Israel would like to go to college, but has not decided what he wants to study. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of El Paso.

Israel's ideal family will provide structure, consistency, and set clear boundaries for him. He will need a significant amount of attention and patience from his forever family, particularly during his transition to the home. Israel will thrive in a family that does not have too many other children. The family will need to establish consequences for behaviors and consistently follow through. Israel needs a family that has a strong male presence. He will benefit from parents who are assertive and will not give up on him during the transition period. The ideal family will also be open to allowing him to have continued contact with his older siblings, who are not part of this adoption.