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Justin from Texas



from Texas

Justin loves animals, watching action movies, and playing with Legos. He is very helpful around the house and likes to work with his hands. Justin loves Indiana Jones and is an adventurer at heart. He enjoys participating in family activities, such as building puzzles and helping with the yard. Justin is not afraid to speak his opinion in a boisterous manner. He struggles with containing his excitement at times. Justin is very bonded to his older brother, who is not part of this adoption, and he would like to remain in contact with him. This is a very positive and beneficial relationship. Justin is very loving and wants a family of his own.

Justin needs a family that is structured and willing to invest in his educational needs. He would like a two parent home with siblings. Justin needs a family that is willing to make a lifelong commitment to him. He thrives with structure and routine to allow him to predict daily expectations. Justin's family will advocate for him educationally and work with him daily. He would love to have siblings so he can do fun activities with them and they can help guide him. Justin would like a strong father figure who participates in outdoor activities, such as fishing and camping.