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Kaliyah from Texas



from Texas

Kaliyah is a bright burst of sunshine. Her big smile is contagious and her sweet personality is addictive. She is a very happy child. Kaliyah has lots of friends and loves to sing and dance. Simple things in life bring her great joy such as sliding down a slide or swinging at the park. Playing outside, running, and playing freeze tag will keep her laughing for hours. Kaliyah has a go-getter personality. She is full of life and has lots of energy. Kaliyah is brave and sensitive. She has endured disappointments and works daily to overcome them. Trust is something she does in spite of past loss. Kaliyah is holding on in hopes of becoming part of a loving family. She is sensitive to correction and has to be redirected gently. Kaliyah thrives on positive reinforcement. She strives to do well in school. Kaliyah experiences ups and downs. She appreciates being encouraged frequently. Kaliyah is learning to adapt and adjust to various situations. Sometimes she can respond abruptly and will not want to be cooperative. Once she feels safe and understood, the sweet and loving Kaliyah brings out her rays of sunshine.

Kaliyah will need understanding parents who enjoy sharing and teaching family values and morals. Her family will make sure she has the needed resources to help her journey to healing and wholeness. Kaliyah will do fine with other children and enjoys having a close knit, loving family. Her parents will need to be strategic in nurturing, guiding, and redirecting her. She will do best in an environment with a good deal of predictability and structure. Most of all, the family that is the best fit for her will be able to express unconditional love and acceptance. This will help in setting a strong foundation for her to succeed in life. Kaliyah's parents will utilize resources to help her be successful. They will spend one-on-one time with her and reassure her of their love and acceptance. Her parents will take joy in working with her to meet milestones and achieve success. Kaliyah would like to stay in contact with her siblings who are not part of this adoption.