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Kassie from Texas



from Texas

Kassie is a fun-loving youth. She likes to listen to rock music and she likes to do arts and crafts. Kassie also likes to wear make-up and change up her hair style. She enjoys going to the movies and spending time with her friends. Kassie really likes art and doing "creative" things. She likes to spend time going on outing, and discovering new places. She is sometimes slow to warm up to new people, but once she does, she enjoys conversation and jokes. Kassie does well in school and reports liking all of her subjects except math. Kassie tends to spend time with herself and her thoughts, but relishes friendships and is very loyal to her friends.

Kassie will do well in a home with no other children, or perhaps a sibling close to her age who she can commiserate with and do teenage things together. She needs a home that has structure and well defined boundaries. Kassie will do best with a forever family who is patient and nurturing, with strong parental role models who will enjoy spending time with her.

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