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Kenny from Texas



from Texas

Kenny is a reserved youth who needs to warm up to new people. Once he is warmed up, then you get his full personality. He is funny and likes to make jokes, especially jokes about football. His favorite target for jokes being the Dallas Cowboys. His favorite football team is the Steelers, and he dreams of one day going to a game. Kenny's favorite pass times include football, video games, and skating. His other favorite things include a basketball, football, and his bike. Kenny is intelligent and does best with encouragement to continually to apply himself fully. His favorite classes in school are science, social studies, and technology classes. Kenny also loves to draw and really excels at it. He loves to share his drawings with others.

Kenny will thrive in a home that has both a mom and a dad present. He will fit in well with in a home where the family are sport fanatics, active, and structured as well. Kenny will do best with older siblings, and would like to have an older brother or sister as a good role model. Kenny would even do well as an only child. Younger siblings are not recommended. Kenny is not interested in living where it snows, but is very open to the possibility of other states.

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