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Kevin from Texas



from Texas

Kevin is an extremely smart and polite youth. He likes to go swimming, play football and basketball, and play with dinosaurs. He loves to write and draw as well. Kevin's favorite foods are chicken, pizza, and chili dogs. He has been described as a natural leader and has lots of friends. Kevin thrives in a structured environment and does well when he is given goals to accomplish. His teacher stated that he is advanced for his age and has started to give him more work so he will still be challenged. Kevin is very meticulous and doesn't like to quit working until he knows it is done right.

Kevin will do very well with a family who is consistent with setting boundaries and patient with him as he adjusts to a new environment. He would prefer an active family who will support him in trying new activities. He would enjoy traveling and experiencing different places. Kevin needs a family who can keep up with him. He is in need of a family who is patient and understanding. A family willing to help him with his homework and who will give him positive reinforcement when he is struggling will be beneficial. Kevin most wants a family to love him unconditionally.

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