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Keyson from Texas



from Texas

Keyson is a child who loves to watch television. He cannot watch colorful cartoons as this overstimulates him. He also likes toys that make noise or music. Keyson is a special child who has physical challenges. He uses wheelchair for his mobility. To help maintain his health he stays indoors most of the time except to travel for appointments. Keyson requires a bed that has been adapted for safety. He is medically fragile and diagnosed with several medical conditions including Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. Due to his special needs and physical challenges, Keyson requires constant supervision. As he grows, Keyson will need pervasive support and has total dependence on others to complete activities of daily living. He is non-verbal but if you talk with him, he will smile and laugh at you.

Keyson needs a family who will be able to manage his primary medical needs. A two person household will be best, because Keyson is only allowed to leave the house for medical appointments, so at least one caregiver would need to stay home with Keyson.