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Krisette from Texas



from Texas

Krisette is a happy child who is very sweet and calm. She is able to exhibit sounds and cry when she's uncomfortable. Krisette is diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome and Sickle Cell Anemia. She also has seizures and is unable to walk. Krisette is beginning to gain strength in her upper body. The left side of her body has little functioning. Krisette needs to feel safe and secure in her forever home. She will thrive in a structured environment with set routines, as she feels safest in a consistent environment. Krisette desires love from a forever family.

Krisette needs a patient, loving, and nurturing family who will make her feel safe and secure. Her home life should be stable, where consistent and concrete boundaries are set. Krisette's family will need to allow her time to develop a relationship with them. Her family will need to ensure she receives all of the services she requires. This includes being an effective advocate for her educational and therapeutic needs in the future and in accessing appropriate services as she transitions to adulthood. Krisette needs a family to provide her supervision, praise, and encouragement. She needs a family who will love her unconditionally and be committed to all of her needs.

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