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Kristie from Texas



from Texas

Kristie has a beautiful smile that can light up a room. She is concerned about the people in her life and is very respectful of them. Kristie likes to write, sing, and dance. She has expressed that she would love to become a singer one day. Kristie likes activities that require a lot of work to keep her engage. She is a very bright and smart youth who is full of life. She is positive around her peers and she gets along well with others. Kristie does well in school and is interested in extracurricular activities. She has a soft voice and a caring heart toward everyone she meets. Kristie enjoys cleaning and she always keep her room clean.

Kristie needs a two parent family who will provide her all the love in the world. Kristie will thrive in a home that provides a lot of one-on-one attention, so a small family will be good for her. She needs a family who has the time and energy to give her all the attention and love that she needs.

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