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Krystal from Texas



from Texas

Krystal is an active, good natured girl who loves Hanna Montana, music, and snacks. She is an open and loving child and wishes to have a "mommy and daddy and siblings". She enjoys family outings, especially outings to places outside like the park or the lake. Krystal is a social butterfly and loves to play with other kids. She loves to make new friends as well! She enjoys school and continues to make progress learning important life skills. Krystal is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and learns at a slower rate than other children her age. Krystal is learning to communicate and verbally express herself effectively. She likes to show affection through hugs and, at times, has to be reminded of boundaries. Krystal loves to eat cheeseburgers and fries. She enjoys playing with her dolls, playing games, and doing arts and crafts. She loves to interact and mimic with others around her. Krystal is a sweet child and is ready for her forever family!

Krystal needs a patient, loving, and nurturing home and family who will make her feel safe and secure. Her family will need to be patient and allow Krystal time to develop a relationship with her new family. The family will need to ensure she receives any services she needs. She needs a family who will be an advocate for her educational and therapeutic needs now and in accessing appropriate services as she transitions to adulthood. She needs a family to provide her supervision, praise, and encouragement. Krystal needs a family who will love her unconditionally and be committed to all of her needs.