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Leisha from Texas



from Texas

Leisha has a sweet and bubbly personality. She enjoys all things girly. Leisha especially likes to go shopping and hanging out at the mall. She enjoys music and singing; her favorite artist is Ariana Grande. Leisha does not have a preference in music as she states she loves to sing in both English and Spanish. She likes to have her nails and hair done and is not afraid of bold colors. Leisha is a creative being as she likes to draw and considers her outlet to be writing and drawing. She likes to have fun and is always ready to crack a joke or do something funny. Leisha is a beautiful young girl and has a very sweet and warm spirit. She loves being a teen. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Leisha is looking forward to being adopted. She is looking for a family where she feels loved, secure, and accepted. She wants a family who will be able to be her support system. Leisha will do well with a family who offers structure, patience, and above all love. A family who shares a common interest will be ideal. She will benefit from a fun loving family who likes to explore new things and likes pop culture and music. She will also do well in a structured environment that also allows her to grow and develop her own interests and hobbies.