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Lilyan from Texas



from Texas

Lilyan is a sweet and very lovable child; she does respond to her caregivers smiling and talking to her. She loves to interact with the other children and her caregivers. Lilyan does best with other children her age or older. She has made improvements socially around small crowds, but she still struggles at times. Lilyan has several primary medical needs. She is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Epilepsy Lilyan is non-verbal and expresses herself through signing a few words, smiling, facial expressions, and reaching her hands out to her caregivers or pointing at what she wants. She responds to familiar voices and can make a wide range of vocalizations. Lilyan cries to alert her caregivers when she needs assistances, is unhappy, or uncomfortable. She loves to be talked to and nurtured by her caregivers. Lilyan loves being read to, sung to, or when her caregivers talk to her. She will cry to alert others when she does not like something. Lily participates in speech therapy and occupational therapy weekly and is learning to sign the names of her body parts in case she does not feel well she can communicate which part of her body is hurting. Lilyan shows she is happy or uncomfortable through facial expressions. She will become upset and frustrated when someone does not understand what she is trying to communicate. Lilyan needs someone's assistance with all activities of daily livind. She is fed through a g-tube. She does best with something in her hands so she does not pull on her g-tube. Lilyan plays with musical and light up toys each day, especially her iPad as this is Lilyan's favorite toy. She would play the iPad 24/7 if caregivers would let her. Lilyan does not like when it is time to put the IPad away. Lilyan will look at a book for short periods of time. Lilyan can pick up her toys and put them away when she is finished playing with them. She can also put the corners of her bed sheets on her mattress to assist in making up her bed. She enjoys being pushed on her swing and being outdoors. Lilyan loves watching television and her favorite show is Little Einsteins. Sometimes she has a low frustration level and needs time and redirection to calm down. Lilyan needs a family who is ready to commit to her long term into adulthood.

Lilyan needs a family who is able to meet her special needs and provide her with love and care. She willd benefit from a family with experience in caring for a medically fragile child or a health care background. A family with other children will be considered, but Lilyan does best around children her age or older. Lilyan sees multiple specialists and needs a family who can fit all of her appointments and therapy into their schedule.

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