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Lydaiesha from Texas



from Texas

Lydaiesha is an inquisitive child. She prefers to go by her nickname of Daiesha. She is a child who loves to sing, dance, and interact with family and extended family. She loves riding her bike and attending trail rides. Daiesha is strong-willed, loves to care for others, and to be shown love as well. At times, Daiesha can be curious and outspoken. She is easily redirected when necessary. Daiesha enjoys being a big sister and spending time with her younger sister, Mariah. In addition, Daiesha is protective and bonded to Mariah. Daiesha needs a family who is patient and loving.

Daiesha and Mariah have a very close sibling bond with one another and desire to be adopted into a loving family together. They enjoy spending time together while looking out for each other's best interests. Their favorite things to do is riding their bikes with their friends in the neighborhood and watching movies together. They enjoy going to Cici's pizza, and participating in the Boys and Girls Club. Daiesha, being the older of the two, is very protective of Mariah and loves her very much. They look to each other for security and comfort, and seek a family who will love them forever.

Daiesha desires to be a part of a family with both a mother and a father. The prospective family must be loving, active, and consistent. They must be willing to adopt Daiesha along with her younger sister. Daiesha will benefit from a family who has a strong focus on academics and is proactive in their children's schooling and progress. The family must be able to provide a nurturing and emotional connection which will be created and sustained overtime. The ideal parents will have consistent rules, clear goals, and reinforce positive behaviors with praise and rewards. She will do best in a home environment that is highly structured and loving with realistic expectations.

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