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Madison from Texas



from Texas

Madison is a youth who can be shy until she warms up to you. After she gets to know you, Madison constantly smiles with you to show off her dimples. She loves to cook but likes to eat out at restaurants that serve chicken burgers or tacos. Madison enjoys playing video games and some toys, but her favorite pastime is to be walking with friends and playing with horses. Madison is reported to be doing well in school. She states that the reason is because she listens well. Teachers say that Madison loves all her subjects, especially math, art, and reading. School recreation includes jumping rope and playing volleyball. Madison expresses a strong interest in art, especially painting. She has learned to better manage moments of sadness and self-esteem issues. She has made great progress in responding rather than reacting to stressful situations. Madison's new love is horseback riding and taking care of horses. She shared, that grooming a horse is therapeutic for her. Madison is hoping to attain a scholarship for horseback riding at an equestrian academic center.

Madison's forever family will be committed to providing Madison a home with sincere nurturing and lots of love. The ideal family will provide Madison structured and consistent expectations. Madison is open about her three wishes; having a family, to be adopted and loved, adoption. Who knows, maybe Madison can be one of your wish come true.