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Mahjahru from Texas



from Texas

Mahjahru is a tall and athletic teenager who enjoys being outside. He enjoys talking about his love for sports, particularly basketball. Mahjahru has a very relaxed and approachable personality. He may appear shy at first, but once you get to know him, he can be very conversational. Mahjahru loves to play with other children and excels in school and sports. He does well in an environment of concrete expectations and responsibilities. Although Mahjahru is a very responsible and mature youth, he still requires consistent boundaries. He also does best in an environment that is flexible and tolerant of his teen desires to explore. Mahjahru would love a family that will continue to foster his connections with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption.

Mahjahru needs a family who will provide unconditional love and stability. He will do best in a two parent environment with siblings. Most importantly, Mahjahru wants a father to share his love of sports and who will take him out for burgers. He will function best with parents who are engaging, patient, and loving, and who will advocate for his continued educational success. Mahjahru would love to have a sibling, so they can play basketball together. His family must be willing to allow him to maintain contact with his siblings, who are not part of this adoption.

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