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Marcus from Texas



from Texas

Marcus is a friendly youth who is very articulate. Some of his favorite things include playing video games, watching TV, and playing or watching sports. He stated a desire to participate in church. Marcus does not upset easily and stated he can pretty much get along with anyone. Marcus enjoys school. Although he is currently struggling in a few of his classes, he has voiced his dedication to improve. He is on-target in school and teachers report he does best when he is worked with one-on-one. Marcus is excited about his chances of being adopted. He is ready and willing to be a part of a permanent, loving family.

Marcus will benefit from a forever family who will provide him with a lot of love, structure, and close supervision. He needs a strong, male role model who will help him understand and cooperate in male-oriented activities. He responds well to male authority figures. Marcus will also benefit from a mother who is nurturing, but also has structure with rules and consequences. He will benefit from a family with other children in the home or within the neighborhood. He needs parents who will help him become independent, once trust has been established. Marcus has siblings who are not part of this adoption. He currently maintains face-to-face contact and weekly phone calls with them and would like to continue that contact. Marcus explains that he is open to any type of family. He stated he would rather be the only child in the home.

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