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Mariah from Texas



from Texas

Mariah is a very sweet, gentle, youth. She is usually quiet and guarded in conversations with others. Mariah enjoys crafts, exercising, reading, coloring, and playing board games. She also likes riding her bike, playing cards and having her hair and nails done. Mariah loves animals, especially dogs and horses. She likes music, shopping, and going to amusement parks. She loves Six Flags. Mariah loves fresh strawberries. She likes school and makes A's and B's. Her favorite subjects in school are math and reading. Mariah loves to write stories. She has difficulty forming friendships with peers. Mariah struggles sometimes with coping skills to handle disappointments. She would like to be adopted to meet new people. Mariah would like to live in the city because there are more things to do.

Mariah will do well with an active family. She states she would like a mom and a dad. She would like to live in the city because she believes there is more to do. A family with pets will be ideal. She will do well with a family who will support her and help her though disappointments. Mariah needs a family who will love her and stand by her.

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