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Meagan from Texas



from Texas

Meagan is sassy, spunky, loves to laugh and tell stories. She writes poetry that will move you to tears. Her words come straight from her heart. It is much easier for her to express herself and her feelings through her poetry than it is for her to portray her emotions through conversation. Meagan is intelligent and makes good grades without much effort. She doesn't like to put much effort into her school work and prefers the social part of going to school. Her teachers and other educators love her and support her needs for boundaries and structure. Meagan bonds quickly to people, which can sometimes cause her heartache when people leave her life. Meagan very much wants to belong to a family, but at times attempts to push those who care away from her. Meagan is a go with the crowd kind of youth and this can land her in trouble at times. If she behaves in a negative way, later she apologizes and promises to do better. Meagan will make an excellent contribution to a home because her love is unconditional. Her contagious laugh will bring joy to any home.

Meagan needs a family who will offer her unconditional love and laughter. She needs structure and a routine that allows her to feel stable enough to heal, but also boundaries to keep safe. She needs a family willing to access the resources she needs to reach her full potential. Meagan would like continued phone contact with a sibling who is not part of this adoption. Meagan will do well as the only child in a home or with an older female sibling. She will also do well with a single female parent or a 2 female parents.

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