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Micah from Texas



from Texas

Micah is a sweet and affectionate child. He enjoys being outdoors and his favorite thing to do is swing. Micah also likes to swim and jump. He is friendly and gets along well with other children. Micah is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. He is able to relate with others through hugs and physical affection. Micah has difficulty communicating and is non-verbal. He becomes anxious and agitated with loud noises. Micah is active and often fidgets. At times, he has difficulty paying attention. Micah requires assistance with some daily living activities. He is able to follow simple instructions, but has difficulty accepting changes in his routine. He requires constant supervision for his safety. Visit me at the The Heart Gallery of Central Texas.

Micah will benefit from a family with nurturing and patient parents who will assist him in advocating for his needs. He needs a loving and nurturing family who will be committed to him and help him learn new things. Micah will thrive with a family that has training and experience working with children with special needs. He needs structure and stability in a safe, loving home.

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