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Nicholas from Texas



from Texas

Nicholas is a sweet-hearted child with a winning smile and a glowing spirit full of joy and wonder. He likes to get out and go to new places and experience new things. He enjoys interacting with his caregivers and will entertain them by singing spontaneously, bringing smiles and plenty of attention his way. One of Nicholas' favorite toys is stuffed bears; and he certainly doesn't mind getting out his chair to take part in all the action. Nicholas likes to listen to music and take in all that is going on around him. He enjoys attending school with his peers and he participates very well in his class. He learns at a slower rate than other children his age. Nicholas is diagnosed with severe Epilepsy and is legally blind. He has also experienced hearing loss, but is now enjoying all the auditory bliss that comes through his new hearing aid. Nicholas is non-verbal and communicates primarily through touch. He responds well to this approach and is becoming increasingly more social. Through consistent therapeutic resources, Nicholas is becoming stronger in muscle strength and making significant progress. He is making more and more progress through consistent care and attention. Nicholas hopes to have a committed and loving family to share all the blessings of what his wonderful future holds. View my video on KLTV7 "Gift of Love".

Nicholas' forever family will need to be compassionate and able to assist him, not only with his medical needs, but his day-to-day life activities. They will be skilled in utilizing available resources in the community to provide Nicholas the special care he needs. Nicholas' family will be able to receive all the love he has to offer as they provide the gracious care he deserves.

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