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Nylah from Texas



from Texas

Nylah is a playful and happy girl. She loves to play with toys and enjoys being talked to and held. She is also very ticklish on her hands and feet. Nylah is diagnosed with Cornelia de Lange syndrome, Microcephaly, and Hydrocephalus. She is a joy to have around and never fails to make everyone around her smile with her coos and laughs. Nylah prefers to play with toys that make noises. She has a friendly personality and brightens everyone's day that comes into contact with her. Nylah has overcome a lot of obstacles in her short life and continues to have a happy disposition. She continues to grow stronger each and every day. The family that welcomes Nylah to their home will benefit with a life full of love and smiles. Visit me at the San Antonio Heart Gallery.

Nylah will benefit from a family with nursing experience. She will also benefit from a family that is able to have a stay-at-home parent. Nylah's family will need to have knowledge about how to handle her medical conditions.

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