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Olivia from Texas



from Texas

Olivia is a sweet child. She can sense the presence of others and loves to be touched. She loves to smile in response. Olivia is diagnosed with several medical conditions including Encephalopathy, Anoxic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, frequent fevers, lung disease, and seizure disorder. She requires a g-tube for feeding and uses an oxygen vent as needed. She requires constant monitoring, supervision, and repositioning. Olivia receives nursing assistance and has frequent specialist appointments. She is non-ambulatory and utilizes a wheelchair for mobility. She receives homebound education services to assist her with learning, although she learns at a much slower rate. Olivia enjoys listening to music and often responds to it.

Olivia needs a family who has the patience and experience to meet her social, medical, and physical needs. They will be able to see that she has something to offer the family and they will understand her needs.