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Paitan from Texas



from Texas

Paitan is a creative and gifted youth. She loves to design and build things, paint and draw, she loves playing board games, and enjoys her Nintendo DS. Paitan is an exceptional student who loves to learn. She loves going to school and spending time with her teachers. She enjoys being around her peers at school, but does need some encouragement and instruction on social relationships. Paitan is very independent, but benefits greatly from simple reminders from her caregivers about her daily routines and chores. She needs guidance on some of her self-care tasks. Paitan's favorite place to be is at church! She loves to hear the lessons, learn and recite scripture, and sing in the youth choir. She has a beautiful voice and loves to sing for an audience! Paitan is diagnosed with is diagnosed with Phenhlketonuria (commonly known as PKU) and takes daily medication to maintain a healthy level of phenylalanine. She is very disciplined in taking her medication and understands that it helps her to stay healthy. She has no dietary restrictions. Paitan understands the dynamics of adoption and is very ready to be with her forever family.

Paitan needs a family who will love her unconditionally, and provide a framework of support, guidance, and structure around her. A family where she is the only child or youngest child will be in her best interest. A family who is dedicated to church is very important to her, as she is a very spiritual child and loves to be involved in church and in choir. Paitan's number one desire is to be with her forever family!