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Qau'vone from Texas



from Texas

Qau'vone is a very shy, happy and energetic boy. At times he can be forceful; however his steadfast behavior is more present when he feels challenged by others. Qau'vone recognizes this as an area he needs to improve upon and does so daily. Qau'vone loves being around other children and interacts well with older children. Qau'vone has a few activities that are his favorite, some being playing video games, playing outdoors, and watching television. He has a very good appetite and enjoys a variety of different foods. Qau'vone is aware of the things which can become difficult for him to manage and tries to manage them daily.

Qau'vone will benefit from a patient, loving, and nurturing home and family who will make him feel safe and secure. He will do best with a family who is patient and will allow him time develop a relationship with their family. The family will need to ensure he receives any services he requires. The ideal family will be an effective advocate for his social, educational, emotional, and therapeutic needs in the future and in accessing appropriate services as he transitions to adulthood. He needs a family to provide him supervision, praise, and encouragement. Qau'vone needs a two parent family with a strong male role model, who will love him unconditionally and be committed to him and his well-being.

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