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Rebecca from Texas



from Texas

Nikki's abundant energy level keeps her interests diverse. She likes to sing, dance, color, and read. Nikki is described as a very smart youth who loves to learn and excels academically. Although she does well in school, she struggles at times with peer and authoritative relationships. Nikki will benefit from ongoing support as she continues to learn how to develop and maintain equitable and cooperative relationships. In addition, her energy level can occasionally get the best of her, as she will often act or speak before thinking things through. Nikki is working to manage her impulsivity and take ownership for her actions. She will need patience and support while she strives to master this skill. Nikki knows what she wants, can clearly demonstrate her independent nature, and will vocalize her desires. In her current foster home, she has designated chores, which she executes well. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of the South Plains.

Nikki needs an experienced, patient family who will help her process her feelings before she takes action or speaks without thinking things through. She will thrive in a supportive, structured household with clear boundaries and consequences that is also balanced with unconditional love and affection. Nikki's forever family will understand how to redirect and provide concise directions. They will recognize her limitations in managing multiple commands at once.

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