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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a very charming and enjoyable young man. He is a shy, somewhat reserved child who smiles when talking about sports and eating. Robert enjoys social activities. He enjoys playing all forms of sports in addition to going to movies and playing video games. Robert really loves reading books on animals and watching Animal Planet on television. He often participates in activities at the YMCA. At times, Robert has a short temper and can become easily agitated. When this occurs, he tends to act out verbally and sometimes physically. Robert needs constant adult supervision. He does well when given structure, positive support, and space to vent his feelings when he gets upset.

Robert needs a family who will address his needs on a daily basis. He will do best with a family who does not have children younger than him. He will do well as an only child in the home to ensure he receives one-on-one attention. He needs a family who will constantly mentor him and be an encouraging force in his life.