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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert is a young boy who is very talkative, energetic, and outgoing. He enjoys many things that most young boys enjoy but amongst his favorite things are playing outside and being involved in organized activities. He is very funny and bright and enjoys making others around him laugh. He considers himself a cowboy and loves the country life. Robert is easily liked by adults and has a very funny and bubbly personality to go along with his magnetic ways. He is considered to be a positive leader. He enjoys going on trips and outings. Robert is excited and ready to find his forever family

Robert will benefit from a loving home that has a strong male role model as a parent. Robert's family needs to understand what it takes to nurture and implement structure in order to bring out the best qualities in him. The ideal family will cultivate his magnetic patience and while providing patience along the journey. He will do well in a two parent home with no younger children in the home. Robert looks forward to being part of a family unit and being the center of attention for both of his parents.

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