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Robert from Texas



from Texas

Robert "Robbie" is a happy boy who gives big smiles and big hugs. He loves all things that move! Robbie is often found swinging or spinning anything he can get to move. He also enjoys bubbles and music toys. Robbie is very active and needs space to play and explore with close adult supervision. He is curious and likes to investigate his environment. Robbie prefers to play by himself but will seek hugs and affection from adults. One of his strengths is that he does well in a structured predictable environment. Robbie learns at a slower rate than others his age. He communicates with body language and is receiving speech and occupational therapy. He receives supportive services in school. Robbie loves to eat, especially sweet things. Robbie has struggled in the past with maintaining a healthy weight so a G-Button was surgically placed in his stomach. This helps to ensure he is receiving proper nutrition. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio. View my video on WFAA "Wednesday's Child".

Robbie's family will not be alone in parenting him as he qualifies for nursing hours and other support services. He is currently receiving weekly 24 hours of nursing care. The ability to meet Robbie's needs can be taught to a willing family who has a heart for children with special needs. He will thrive in a family who enjoys being outside. He may not be able to do a long hike but does enjoy exploring nature, going to a zoo, or going for a swim. Robbie's medical needs do not keep him home-bound or needing special transportation. Robbie enjoys being in a family with other children. He is beginning to learn sign language, so a family who is open to learning sign language or is comfortable using other forms of communication will be helpful for Robbie.