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Robin from Texas



from Texas

Robin is an energetic and spontaneous youth who is very interested in art and loves to draw. Rockin' Robin loves to sing and dance and play in her school band. She is developing an excellent skill in drawing and art. Robin is also becoming a talented writer. Like most children her age, she loves to sit down and play a video game. Right now Robin is very into Monster High dolls. She likes to collect them and read the many books about them. Sometimes she will write her own stories for her dolls. Robin will also never turn down a chance to go swimming, ride her bike, or even go get a pedicure and her nails painted. The quickest way to Robin's heart is through Mexican food, especially Taco Casa burritos.

Robin's family will be one who understands the teenage dynamic! She will be the most successful with a strong yet nurturing mother who will be firm in her parenting and set limits for Robin. Robin's parents will have a clear set of rules and expectations and remain steadfast to them. Robin will flourish with a structured loving environment. She is most comfortable when she knows what is expected of her and having time limits on her activities. Her parents will also be great advocates for her education and ensure she stays on task with school and homework. Robin's parents will be able to spend one-on-one time with her doing an activity that she enjoys or a household project that makes her feel a part of the family. Robin will be happiest being the only child or the only child still living at home. Robin may require direction to comply and understand adult requests and rules.

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