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Shawn from Texas



from Texas

Shawn is a very shy and reserved youth. He tends to stay to himself and does not talk much. He opens up more once he gets to know you. Shawn enjoys playing on his phone. He also enjoys playing all sports, but his favorite is running track. Shawn recently broke the record in long jump, which qualified him to compete in the Junior Olympics in Topeka, Kansas. He also is a part of the relay team. Shawn also loves football and basketball. Some of his favorite classes at school include P.E., English, and science. When asked what his favorite foods are, Shawn responded with "pizza, of course!" He is a very respectful and humble youth. Shawn wishes he could find his forever home; become a professional athlete; and be a successful man in life.

Shawn will thrive in a home with parents who will support him in his track endeavors and attend his events. He will do best in a home where there are older children, so he can relate to them. Shawn is a very respectful and humble youth who needs a nurturing and loving home. His forever family will be willing to guide and direct Shawn in his future endeavors and beyond. A sports-oriented family will be beneficial for him, as his favorite thing above all is sports, especially track, football, and baseball.

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