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Shr Marying from Texas

Shr Marying

Shr Marying

from Texas

Shr Marying is a healthy youth with a shining smile. She is quiet upon first meeting, but her personality quickly shines through as she builds trust. Shr Marying has an exemplary sense of humor and finds immense joy in making others smile. She likes to keep busy by taking part in activities such as playing basketball, singing, and running track and cross country, and participating in church activities. Shry Marying is very helpful and enjoys interactions with others, but does need the occasional reminder about being respectful and polite towards other children. Shr Marying does well in school, with extra support in math, and her favorite subjects are reading, science, and math. In fact, one of her favorite indoor activities is to settle in with a good book. Shr Marying is looking forward to meeting her forever family and she is sure to be the light of their lives. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of North East Texas.

Shr Marying will soar to new heights with a family who is patient and accepting of her and who will allow her the opportunity to pursue her true passions in life. A family who will cultivate her athletic and singing abilities, while being supportive and structured with her regarding her education, will be most beneficial for Shr Marying. The ideal family for Shr Marying will be able to spend a lot of one-on-one time with her doing the activities she enjoys while also broadening her horizons with new experiences. Shr Marying will do great with other children and pets. Her family needs to offer unconditional love, patience, and acceptance, while helping her meet challenges head on and overcome them. Shr Marying's family will also understand how much it will mean to her that she be allowed to maintain contact with her siblings.

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