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Sonya from Texas



from Texas

Sonya is a bright, intelligent, outgoing, and talkative youth who can be somewhat of a book worm at times. Her favorite recreational activity is to read which sometimes can cause her difficulties at school as she forgets about her homework. Sonya is doing well academically and is currently enrolled in GT classes and participates in UIL activities. She considers herself to be an active person as she enjoys playing outside, helping caregivers with chores, and sometimes she even volunteers for extra duties. Sonya is starting to discover herself and with that sometimes she can be assertive and doesn't understand when she is coming off as disrespectful. Sonya is able to take redirection well as long as she knows what is going on around her as she is inquisitive and is not afraid to ask questions. She is still learning to take responsibility for her mistakes and actions. Sonya is open and willing to consider advice and constructive criticism from her caregiver. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of South Texas.

Sonya desires to be adopted. She wants to be a part of a family who will love and protect her. It is very important for Sonya to keep communication with her brother so she is looking for a family who will allow continued contact. Sonya will greatly benefit from a family who will provide support, structure, guidance, and unconditional love. She needs a family who will continue to provide her life lessons and understand that she is still growing so she may make a few mistakes along the road. Sonya needs a family who is active and will continue to encourage her to succeed at anything she sets her mind to.