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Tayshee from Texas



from Texas

Tayshee is very social and outgoing. She loves animals. She has a great sense of humor and she loves cooking. Tayshee enjoys shopping, applying makeup, styling her hair, getting her nails manicured, and going to spas. She likes to watch and play volleyball. She does not have any experience with other outdoor activities, but she is open to the idea of participating in other types of outdoor activities. Tayshee also enjoys reading and texting. Her favorite foods are pizza, Asian food, and chicken. She also enjoys working out and swimming. Her favorite subjects in school are English, health, and humanities. Tayshee enjoys watching comedians because they make her laugh. Visit me at the Heart Gallery of San Antonio.

Tayshee is anxiously awaiting her forever family! The perfect family will be a larger family. Tayshee will do well in a close knit family who participates in many social events and activities.

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