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Thomas from Texas



from Texas

Thomas is a handsome youth with a heart-warming smile. He describes himself as a "country boy" who likes big trucks. He enjoys outdoor activities such as riding bikes. Thomas is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome, which has resulted in some behavioral challenges. He does not respond well to changes in routine and he dislikes it when he is unable to participate in the activities he enjoys. Thomas greatly enjoys playing video games on his Nintendo DS. He also likes building things with Legos. He has actively participated in church youth groups in the past. He also enjoys watching television and movies. Thomas is a very special youth who requires extra attention.

Thomas' family will need to have experience or knowledge with Asperger Syndrome. He will do best with a two-parent or single family home with only one or no other children. Thomas will thrive in a structured and consistent environment. He requires a lot of extra attention and supervision. He needs a family who will teach him independent living skills and be understanding of his behavioral challenges.

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