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Thor from Texas



from Texas

Thor is definitely all boy. He enjoys being rough and tumble and loves to be outside. Thor is a charmer with his outgoing personality and sweet smile and can be very persuasive when he flashes his sweet smile. He has recently learned how to ride his bike without training wheels and is loving it. Thor can usually be found outside playing with his trucks in the dirt or playing video games. Thor also enjoys movies and his favorite is Pokemon. Thor is full of life and energy, but can get distracted at school. He benefits from prompts and reminders to stay on task, as well as supportive services such as speech therapy. Thor is an independent thinker, but he can express himself loudly or physically when things aren't able to go the way he envisioned.

Devin and Thor are a dynamic duo who are extremely close and share a sibling bond. They love each other very much and want to remain together. Devin loves to learn about new things and Thor loves being outside playing with his trucks. However, they have a lot more in common. Both boys are active and enjoy being outside riding their bikes. They also are very inquisitive. Going exploring is high on their list of priorities and they would love a forever family to lead them down new adventures. The ideal family for Devin and Thor will be able to show both boys that they are important and loved and offer activities that keep the boys engaged. These dynamos will thrive with parents who can offer them family activities as well as support each boy's individual interests. The boys have not always been treated equally, so their forever family will need to be willing to provide frequent reassurance that both boys have great value. Devin and Thor need a very structured, active family who is experienced and able to provide the nurturing, boundaries, and care these boys deserve. View our video on Big Country Heart to Heart.

Thor needs a structured, active family who will adopt both him and his brother, Devin. Thor needs a family who shows him consistency so he knows what to expect and what is expected from him. The ideal family for Thor will patiently provide him with firm boundaries that are fairly and consistently enforced. They will be able to show him that he will be unconditionally loved and help him adjust to the rules and boundaries in his forever home.

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