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Tony from Texas



from Texas

Tony is a very outgoing and personable teenager. He likes to listen to music and enjoys socializing with his friends. Tony can be very expressive when communicating his feelings. He loves to play sports outside, especially basketball and football. Tony does very well with other children. Tony is great at making friends in school and he is considered a social butterfly. He responds to encouragement and positive reinforcement. He is very intelligent and has a charismatic personality. Tony can be very sweet and helpful around the house. He has a great sense of humor and he likes to make his friends laugh.

Tony would like a stable and loving family who will give him the structure he needs. He really needs a family who will encourage him, as he does best with positive reinforcement and structure. Tony will flourish in a home where his family will allow him to express himself and make him feel as though is a part of the family unit. The family must be consistent and compassionate towards him as he has difficulty trusting. A stable and consistent family will work wonders for Tony.

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